Emil E. Kobi Institute

Affiliated closely to the International Archive for Orthopedagogy, the Emil E. Kobi Institute (EKI) was founded in 2015. It gives future research purposes the necessary scientific means, all consolidated in the International Archive. Among its main objectives are the analysis of present archive material as well as the publication of research findings, concerning historical and contemporary issues on the subject of orthopedagogy.

Emil Erich Kobi

* 20. April 1935 in Kreuzlingen; † 13. April 2011 in Luzern

Furthermore, the EKI plans and performs technical events and training activities in the International Archive. These include, inter alia, the organization of historical colloquia, the convention of symposia about past and present issues of international orthopedagogy and special education as well as content aspects of the so called “project days for students” in Trebnitz. The EKI draws its expertise in orthopedagogy from a broad network of universities, technical colleges, academies and a number of institutions and personalities both in Germany and other European countries. All of whom are members of the Archive’s sponsoring association. The EKI works closely with the Europäische Akademie für Heilpädagogik | Beruf- und Fachverband Heilpädagogik e.V. (BHP) in Berlin.

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Internationales Archiv für Heilpädagogik
Emil E. Kobi Institut
Platz der Jugend 4
D-15374 Müncheberg / OT Trebnitz